ART therapy and MENTORING

As a therapist who understands art, I can work with you to get the most out of your creativity, to gain fulfilment and harness your expressive power for processing trauma and for personal growth.

As a practicing artist, as someone who has had many years of experience in the art world, and as a teacher and mentor of young artists, I understand the complexities - and the joys of being in the studio.

I also understand the importance of creative work in processing traumatic memories and helping us find our most authentic selves. For people with complex trauma it can be hard to talk about problems and feelings and to feel safe expressing uncomfortable or frightening thoughts. Understandably, traumatised people are concerned about being re-triggered.

you might not have the words to talk about your trauma, and you also might not be ready.

That’s where working with art can help.

My own experience of working with art tells me that it can bring to the surface metaphors, ideas, symbols and feelings from my unconscious. Feelings and thoughts which may not yet have reached awareness. These symbols can be an important connection to the internal world. They are precious, and can help us understand ourselves. It is essentially a private gift that we can give ourselves , but it is also a way to create a special connection with others and to talk about what is going on for us.

When I work with you and your art - making process, my aim is to facilitate your growth and to allow your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface and be expressed through image-making. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with the materials - or with your own imagery. Part of the process is letting go of judgement and expectations in order for deeper feelings to be expressed and for you to enjoy the experience.

Art and image-making have always been a joy in my life and I would like to share that with you!

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