Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.


Are you feeling lost or uninspired?

Is your history of trauma keeping you stuck?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

Has your creative journey has stalled?

Perhaps you had an art teacher who told you you were “hopeless.” Or maybe you couldn't meet your own high expectations for making art.

We’ve all been there.

As children we have a natural creativity. We love to explore and experiment. But that wonderful and deep connection to the joy of making gets beaten out of us with schooling, rules - and our own judgements.

“Art is only for people with talent.”

“Art is a waste of time.”

These are the messages that get in the way of exploring our creative impulses. But what if you could get back to that childhood joy and natural creativity?

I can help you get in touch with your creative inner child.

Art therapy with me will help you tap into your inner strengths.

As an artist and psychotherapist I know that your right brain is smarter than your left. We might think we have all the answers, but the verbal and logical way of knowing and understanding that we grew up with falls a long way short of helping us when we are really stuck.

Art therapy with me will help you tap into ways of knowing that you may have forgotten or repressed.

This spiritual and emotional knowledge is something we are all born with.

It is a part of our birthright, but gets overlooked and undermined by the dominance of logic and language in today’s complex world.

My aim is to help you get back in touch with your natural creativity.

Through guided art therapy activities and exercises you will learn to harness your own personal expressive power.

Hi, my name’s Amanda and I am an artist and psychotherapist based in Melbourne.

For many years, I worked in Universities, teaching (and practicing) painting and drawing. At the age of 48 (!) I decided to retrain in social work with the aim of helping people recover from trauma using counselling and art therapy.

Discover and Explore Your Inner World with Art Therapy.

Art and creativity can bring to the surface metaphors, ideas, symbols and feelings from your unconscious. These feelings and thoughts may not yet have reached awareness, but they can be an important connection to your internal world. They are precious, perhaps priceless. Discovering your personal symbols is a private gift that you can give yourself, but it can also create a special connection with others.

It is a way for you to talk about what is going on without words.

As you dive into your subconscious, you will come up with many symbols and ideas. Together, we will explore what these mean and where your secret pathway might lead.

When I work with you my aim is to facilitate your growth and to allow your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface and be expressed through image-making.

What if I don’t have any experience with art?

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience with the materials - or with your own imagery.

Part of the process of empowering your creativity is letting go of judgement and expectations in order for deeper feelings to be expressed and for you to enjoy the experience.

Don’t worry, I have lots of experience working with people who haven’t picked up a paintbrush for years - or ever.

I also have experience with talented artists who are looking to hone their practice, so if that is you, I can also provide mentoring and support for you to get the most out of your creativity.

Art Therapy for Trauma Processing

This is a special technique where art will allow you to bypass the blocks that are preventing you from healing yourself. It was designed to help people with a history of emotional abuse and other forms of trauma to safely get in touch with traumatic memories.

Traumatic memories are stored differently to normal memories. They are held in the primitive parts of our brain and are recalled when experiences similar to those which caused the original trauma trigger us. These memories will often be vivid emotional feelings or “snapshots” over which we have no control.

If you have a history of trauma, art therapy and creative work can help you process your traumatic memories. Art therapy can be the place where the deepest parts of your trauma and your own healing instinct can connect.

For people with a history of childhood trauma, it can be hard to talk about problems and feelings and to feel safe expressing uncomfortable or frightening thoughts.

Understandably, traumatised people are concerned about being re-triggered.

You might not have the words to talk about your trauma, and you also might not be ready.

Art therapy will allow you to “talk” about your trauma safely.

By allowing you to access deep emotions and impulses you can get in touch with your own emotional healing power. Complex trauma silences your inner creative child and cuts off your ability to access your natural strengths. People with a history of trauma and emotional abuse get stuck in the shame and isolation of their depleted self.

Creativity will help you unlock your connection to your body and rediscover your joy.

Art therapy will help you regain access to your natural healing power so that you can find your best pathway to healing. The ideas, metaphors, symbols and images come from a place deep inside you where your ability to heal yourself is locked.

Art therapy with me will help you unlock your natural healing power.

Yes, I am ready to unlock my healing power


Sometimes art isn’t enough.

Managing a creative career can be challenging.

Sustaining a practice, exhibiting, publishing or performing, gaining recognition, applying for grants all while establishing and maintaining a reliable income can be stressful. You want to be the best artist you can be and to enjoy the rewards of living creatively.

Exploring and understanding your creativity while balancing the realities of life can be difficult.

It’s important to be true to yourself and your creativity whilst also managing your own emotional and physical wellbeing.

Because I am an artist and have managed a professional career in the visual arts, I understand the challenges, and the joys of being an artist.

For many in the creative professions, there can also be underlying issues. These may hold you back from being the best artist you can be.

Childhood trauma can often inspire people to take up a career in the arts, because art can allow them to explore their emotions and ideas in a way that they weren’t encouraged to do in childhood. Art can also allow you to be relatively autonomous, something which is attractive for those who have grown up with authoritarian or impinging parents.

I understand the power and pitfalls of creative careers. I also understand the challenge of using childhood experiences to inspire creative potential or to heal old wounds.

But sometimes art isn’t enough.

Therapy can help widen your opportunities and allow you to process your trauma in a safe way. It can help you understand more about what your work means and how to help your art become more authentic and meaningful for you. Therapy can help you be truer to your creative impulse.

Working with me can help you get the most out of your creativity, improve your emotional wellbeing, get on better with others and allow you to find your pathway in a way that is most authentic and meaningful for you.

Get in touch to see how I can help you explore and make the most of your creativity.


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