We don’t always call it trauma.

Maybe your idea of trauma is a car accident or the combat experiences of soldiers. But what if seeing your life through a trauma lens can actually help you understand and heal yourself?

As a clinical social worker I have seen a lot of different people struggling with their mental health.

What connects them all is a history of early trauma. Some have had more extreme experiences that are easier to pinpoint, but harder to heal.

But for the majority of us who have had emotionally abusive childhoods, it can be challenging to recognise how early trauma affects life now.

So you blame yourself.

Working with me will help you recognise the signs of early trauma and abuse. Becoming self-aware will allow you to develop self-compassion and begin to understand that you did what you had to do to survive.


I am a clinical social worker and psychotherapist with a background in the visual arts. After a successful career as an artist and academic, I retrained in social work to help others resolve their childhood trauma. Using an attachment based and emotion focused approach, my aim is to develop a warm and trusting relationship where you can feel safe to open up and be vulnerable. I use trauma counselling, art therapy and somatic psychotherapy to help you recover and heal.


It can be hard to recognise the life problems and emotional blocks you experience as symptoms of childhood trauma. Unfortunately, attachment problems and emotional abuse in early childhood are far more common than we think and can affect our social and emotional wellbeing as adults.

Trauma in childhood can cause

  • vulnerability to chronic disease

  • low self-esteem

  • addictive behaviour: self-soothing with alcohol, drugs or food

  • trouble controlling anger and other emotions

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • loneliness and isolation

  • problems with relationships

  • EMOTIONAL FLASHBACKS and dissociation

  • heightened fear or flight/fight/submit response leading to increased stress

  • problems with trust

  • ongoing feelings of shame and worthlessness

  • lack of meaning and purpose

More About Trauma Counselling


Psychotherapy can help you by enhancing your self-awareness so that you are no longer reliant on your trauma based responses and reactions. By gently uncovering and releasing the trauma held in your body, I will help you let go of the past. Instead of being stuck in panic, fear or anger you will be able to make good choices and be more compassionate towards yourself.

As you learn about yourself and your history you will begin to see that your trauma responses are not “bad” or “wrong” they are what you needed to do to survive.

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My Rooms are in North Fitzroy

Conveniently located near the 96 Tram stop on the corner of Nicholson Street and Brunswick Road/Holden Street, there is ample parking right outside the building or around the corner in Barkly Street.

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