Are you worried about a young person?

Perhaps you are worried about yourself.

Things may not have felt quite right for a while.

Are you (or your child) struggling with

  • problems at work, school or home

  • bullying

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • mood swings

  • lack of motivation or direction in life

  • anger and acting out

  • recklessness or impulsivity

  • problems wth relationships

  • self-harm

Counselling and psychotherapy can help young people who are struggling with these issues and many more.


My approach with young people is anchored in helping them discover - and strengthen - their

Our sense of self not only defines who we are, but who we are in relation to others. Finding and nurturing one’s authentic self is the most important developmental task facing all of us. 

Problems with identity or “sense of self” can manifest in many areas of life including friendships and relationships, vocational direction, school work, decision-making and motivation.

These fundamental problems can lead to other issues like anxiety and depression as well as more serious illnesses and problems like Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), eating disorders and self-harm.

My aim as a therapist is to help clients find and nurture their authentic self.


Psychotherapy helps young people

  • improve confidence

  • develop good relationships with friends and family

  • improve academic performance

  • improve self-awareness

  • manage emotions and stress

  • learn resilience and increase resourcefulness

  • improve social interaction skills and develop clearer communication

  • develop better coping mechanisms

  • develop positive attitudes and self-assurance

  • create a clearer sense of life ambitions and long term goals

For Parents

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Free Resources for eating disorders, BPD and Self-harm

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