Psychotherapy for Childhood Trauma Isn’t Just About Treating Symptoms

It is a journey of self-discovery where you can find a more authentic, more rewarding and more enjoyable life. With individualised trauma counselling and psychotherapy I can help you resolve your trauma and discover your inner strength. Freed from the wounds of childhood, you can find a new, more connected and more joyful self.

The creative and life enhancing process of psychotherapy can give you back your joy.


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Trauma counselling can help you discover a richer, more authentic and more fulfilling life.

People who have experienced trauma often feel empty.

They sense that there is something missing and the deeper connections they long to make elude them. The pain of trauma can interfere with your ability to find and keep the things that you value the most. Trauma therapy can help restore your spirits and refill your life with all the good things that have eluded you. Psychotherapy for emotional abuse, trauma and Complex Trauma can reward you with the riches of a more joyful, creative and connected life - a life that is truly worth living.

For people who have suffered trauma in childhood, the rewards of relationships often seem out of reach.

Psychotherapy Will Help You Become Closer to Others and Enjoy Relationships and Intimacy Again.

People who have experienced emotional abuse and trauma in childhood often feel like their lives lack meaning. They find it hard to trust and often struggle with intimacy.

Trauma in childhood is far more common than we think.

We may not call it trauma, but for many of us, life feels hard.

People with Complex trauma often don’t realise that their childhood is the source of their struggles. When we are not nurtured in childhood, we grow up feeling ashamed.

The trauma of emotional abuse in childhood has huge impacts.

Trauma can cause

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of meaning and purpose

  • trouble controlling anger and other emotions

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • loneliness and isolation

  • lack of fulfillment in relationships

Trauma counselling can help unlock your hidden strengths and help you find peace and meaning in a stressful world.

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