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Counselling and Psychotherapy in North Fitzroy.

I am a psychotherapist with a special interest in trauma counselling. 

My first career was as an artist and academic and I loved nurturing young artists as part of my role at universities. I completed a Masters and a PhD in visual arts and my research looked at the history of psychiatry, and painting and drawing as a meditative process.

In this research, I kept coming back to the idea of development and growing up and the importance of emotional security and identity during this time.

I realised that I had a passion to make a difference in people's lives and that I didn't want my interest in mental health to be an abstract one. After my role as head of painting and drawing in an art school finished, I retrained in social work with the aim of working therapeutically with young people.

My main interest is in working with people who have experienced early childhood trauma and who experience problems with attachment.

I work with adults with Complex Trauma and attachment disorders, people with BPD (or Borderline Personality Disorder) people who are self-harming and people with (or at risk of developing) an eating disorder.

Since completing my Masters degree in social work at the University of Melbourne, I have worked with young people and adults in a range of mental health settings.

In my most recent role I was based in the public mental health system supporting families of people with serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and personality disorders. I learnt a lot about mental health and families during this time and I enjoy using this learning in my work with people who might be struggling with trauma histories.

I have a mental health social work accreditation, so I can provide services to people with a mental health care plan under Medicare. I am also a Registered Provider under the NDIS.

I still maintain a practice as an artist and exhibit when I can.  I love oil painting and drawing and am a big fan of expressionism and symbolism.  My most recent passion is for watercolour and I am enjoying doing a series of small landscape watercolours. I regularly travel to the "prom" (as we call it here in Victoria) in South Gippsland and take lots of photos as well as doing some painting outdoors. Its my special retreat and I get a creative recharge from being in such a beautiful place, relaxing, swimming and doing a bit of painting and walking.

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