Adolescence and young adulthood is a time of challenge and transformation, growth and discovery.


Hi, my name’s Amanda and my aim is to make a difference in young people's lives.

An authentic and stable


is crucial in tackling life’s ups and downs as well as the many challenges of growing up.

Finding one’s feet is part of what adolescence and young adulthood is about. Developing a positive relationship with ourselves can help us make good choices and maintain our equilibrium in the face of life’s challenges – it can also help us relate better to others.

Without a strong sense of self, we struggle to make the most of life.

Our choices will be limited and we will find ourselves heading in directions which lead to a lack of fulfilment, often living alongside feelings of emptiness and an inability to create real intimacy, to be a real friend – or a real partner.

A life without a strong sense of self is a life without a centre.

My practice is a safe space, where I offer support and guidance through times of growth and change.

Psychotherapy with me is a place to embark on the journey of discovery, where together we can help build the foundations of a fulfilling and authentic life.


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